DIRTBag™ (deployable isolation repair technology) is your solution for in-field and flight-line repairs. The system keeps environmental contaminants out of your repair area just as well as keeping coating removal particulate out of the atmosphere, protecting equipment and personnel.

It sets up in minutes and can be customized for each repair or coating removal situation. The kit fits securely over the damaged area, adheres to the surface, and provides a structurally supported covering that can be custom fitted to a technician’s repair needs. It also interfaces easily with environmental control units (ECU) and vacuum systems and can also be used as a curing tent. Stock sizes are 24” x 24” (DB2424) or 44” x 48” (DB4448).  Custom sizes are also available.

DIRTBag™ has been used by many commercial and military MRO operations.  It’s currently listed on the Boeing 787 Standard Repair Manual as a preferred solution for repair isolation.

Features and Benefits:

  • Self-adhesive seal
  • Custom placement of hand ports and hose ports
  • 360º clear viewing area
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Resists wind and environmental contamination
  • Keeps repair debris contained
  • Provides temperature/humidity control when coupled with an ECU

DirtBag™ is sold through our parent company, CRG. Click here to order.